1. I wait for your new videos to be posted, it is not only the delicious food also the new and easy trick, help us to be a good cook.
    Thank you

  2. Hi kunal, thanks for sharing the receipe. Whenever I cook chicken in a pan it turns very hard. Would like to know the reason also the solution to make a soft / tender chicken. Thanks

  3. Why does the recipe call for 1 12 table spoons of curry powder but it looks like you used 12 cup?

  4. Was drawn to this channel for the "vegetarian" recipes, I have gone to a plant based diet and you have some amazing recipes here! Super Tasty! I saw this recipe and sometimes I can get some useful ideas to adapt to plant based. I had some really nice baby Yukon gold potatoes and made coconut curry potatoes just like this. I am absolutely blown away. I can't believe that is something that I actually cooked and it actually tasted THAT AMAZING!!! I am now completely hooked on this channel!!!

  5. Bredz I made this ting tonight and it wickedd fi chroo. Thx bredda Your cook book is on my list to purchase

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