1. how to cook chicken softly ( మెత్తగా ), am having gaps in my tooth so if the chicken is cooked softly ( మెత్తగా ) then i can easily eat

    how to cook chicken softly, am having gaps in my tooth so if the chicken is cooked softly then i can easily eat

  2. Chef, I'm really happy to watch all your videos , here I would like to ask you a question please :
    when we use coconut juice to this recipe and other stuff for serving such as raisins , chopped pineapple fruit, coconut powder and the Indian crackers ??
    This recipe to be served with plain rice , is that so ??

  3. I love the way you keep brining up your mother while explaining. It gives a lovely warm feeling to the whole recipe learning process. We all feel nostalgic about our childhood days, when our mothers would cook for us. Miss those days. Thanks a lot for this recipe and giving a tribute to not only your mother, but mothers all over. :)

  4. Yes Tina hot you should no just leave it overnight
    with the west Indian session
    To Tina Turner and Neil Diamond

  5. all these american people on youtube with their curry recipes. i just couldnt copy their recipes. If a indian isnt showing me how to make it, then i wont make it haha.

    thanks for this video

  6. I Followed your recipe and it worked my wife loved it will add some chicken and rice to make a lovely meal thank you, Chef, very good full of flavour.

  7. Thank you for the video. What portions of everything should I be using if I want to make serving for two? You used a lot of tomato puree. How much less would I be using of everything?

  8. hi there wanna cook some indian food for my wife,would like to know the ratio of fat : onion paste : pureed tomatoes for chicken curry.

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