Spicy Baingan Curry in Baingan Masala Dhaba Style

How to make – Spicy Baingan Curry – Baingan Masala Dhaba Style – Spicy Brinjal/Eggplant Curry – Masala Baingan Recipe – Indian Vegetarian Recipe.

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  1. డెమో చెప్పి వీడియో చేస్తే బాగుంటుంది లేకుంటే చెయ్యకండి

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  3. Too long cooking time after putting the prawns in to pot! Don't you think this prolonged cooking time will get the prawns rubbery and chewy?

  4. she cooked it without gingergarlic paste ! am sure it might have stink like crazy and who cooks non veg without gingergarlic especially sea food that too southindian andhra style !!! mam you need to learn cooking first

  5. I have been cooking this since last three years whenever I am asked to prepare a special dish.. And it's always fingerlicking.. Amazing recipe!.. Tonight I m cooking this again:)

  6. I made it, it was so delicious, I cut egg plants in small cubes and then fried them in oil before adding into curry and after cooking I sprinkle little lemon juice.Great recipe.

  7. I just want to make it and if I'll cut the brinjal into small pieces n then I fry instead of full brinjals …does it taste good
    ??? Let me know

  8. Instead of frying eggplants, can I just put in the oven with little bit oil? Anyone tried without frying. I am trying to cut down on frying. Thanks

  9. Thanks very much for sharing your recipes, I like to return and
    visit your great channel all the time, regards!!

  10. This recipe was delicious. Thank you! I wrote up the recipe below. Not the best directions but that's what I got

    – Heat 6-7 tbsp oil on high heat
    – Add 1/2 tsp of onion powder and garlic powder blend (asafoetida powder)
    – Add 3 green chillies
    – Add 2 tbsp chopped ginger
    – Add 4 kashmiri chilis (deseeded)
    – Add 3/4 tsp turmeric powder
    – Add 5 roughly chopped tomatoes
    – Mix well, saute continuously for 1 min
    – Add coriander powder (3 tsp)
    – Add kashmiri chili powder (3 tsp)
    – Add 3 tbsp shredded coconut
    – Saute for 1 minute
    – Put heat on low, cover with lid and cook for 2 min
    – Add 1 tsp salt
    – Mix well
    – Remove pan from stove and cool down
    – After cooled, blend mixture into paste. Set aside
    – Cut 13 small sized eggplants into 4 parts without cutting the end off
    – Heat deep-frying oil on medium to high heat
    – Gently add eggplants to boil
    – Deep fry until soft (2-3 minutes). Stir after 1 minute, flip occasionally for even frying. Set aside on paper towels
    – 4-5 tbsp of oil, on high heat
    – Add 1.5 tsp cumin seeds
    – Add 1 stp mustard seeds
    – Add 3 bay leaves
    – Add 1 cinnamon stick
    – Saute for a minute
    – Add gravy prepared from earlier
    – Add 1sp salt
    – Mix well. Stir until boiling
    – Lower heat, cover and let simmer for 6 min.
    – Stir
    – Add leftover paste mixed with water in blender (2 cups)
    – Let it boil
    – Cover with lid, let simmer for 3 min
    – Add fried eggplants, mix well
    – On medium, cover with lid and let it cook for 5 min
    – Add 3/4 tsp garam masala
    – Add 4-5 sprigs chopped coriander

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