Be Fit and Healthy with Shirataki Noodles

Dieters know well that they may start feeling tired and drained when calories amount is cut down. Shirataki noodles, one of the newest diet fad foods, can fucntion to push up energy. Energy plays a very important role in maitaining healthy exercises and help our body operate smoothly everyday. Having sufficient energy, we will be happier and more productive leading to a healthier person.


Several herbs and vegetables are well known for boosting energy, increasing metabolism, and aiding in fat loss. Some such as oregano and garlic are super immune boosters as well. Oregano and garlic both cleanse the blood and speed metabolism. Several pasta dishes use these herbs as well as vegetables, and when using shirataki noodles in place of flour noodles, we greatly increase the absorption of these vitamins and minerals. By absorbing these nutrients, we are removing the toxins from our bodies and freeing our cells of weighted toxic “goo”. This goo slows us down much like how a car runs with thick dirty oil. One may wonder what the secret ingredient in shirataki noodles are which could possibly be delivering such amazing health benefits.


Shirataki noodles are derived from the Konjac plant, which is found in Asian countries. The production of konjac flour used to make the shirataki noodles creates a noodle high in soluble dietary fiber called glucomannan. This fiber swells and forms a thick gel in the stomach creating the feeling of fullness which slows the process of digestion. This gives other nutrients the time to be absorbed fully. It will also slow sugar absorption lessening the production of insulin which can regulate energy levels. High spikes in insulin can lead to a crash later and drain your energy.


With the feeling of fullness, we are also not tempted to snack and binge on other energy robbing snacks between meals. Snacking on sugary sweets may give a quick pick me up but are full of empty calories which lead to weight gain. Targeting a healthy eating regimen and schedule will allow the body to regulate itself more efficiently. The slower digestion of shirataki noodles can be attributed to its fiber content. The higher fiber content moves slowly through the digestive system acting to remove many of the fatty deposits in the intestine. This results in a fuller feeling after eating and also detoxification which leads to an increase in energy.

Darren McDuffie is a nutrition education and weight loss management specialist. He is passionate about helping people reach their weight loss goals and has recently discovered a wonder food called Miracle Noodles. For more Information visit Shirataki Noodles

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