1. I need a friend like Sam he is so lovely and omg I'm so inspired to go make a fabulous curry now 

  2. Thanks for posting this. Sam is a great guy and I have taken a lot on board from watching your videos of him when cooking in my own kitchen.  

  3. Like all your vids … Sam is a real Pro and knows his stuff …  and a nice fella too! I was going to have salad for tea …. bang goes that idea! It's curried 'something'  🙂 Thanks!

  4. Great vid – but what's the curry sauce made from?

    I suspect onions, garlic, ginger, salt and tomatoes – is this correct?

  5. I agree with Chef about the Lemon Juice , Premier Currys is by Far the best in Burnley , Chilli explosion is my fave , started making my own Version of chilli Explosion in which I use different condiments like Be Damned chilli sauce and Mahi Bhut Jolokia sauce along with Fresh Chillis aswell , and ofcourse Mr Naga which I add at the end of the cooking as not to cook out the Naga Flavour , thanks for the upload

  6. Great video again Chris and Sam is a natural teacher. My question is, because it was cooked at a low temp, did the curry taste any different to a curry that was cooked at full whack? Thanks again Chris

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