Yuba Spicy Curry Bosch Video Review – Reliable, Well-Balanced, Electric Cargo Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/yuba/spicy-curry-bosch/ The Yuba Spicy Curry with Bosch is a powerful, well balanced and feature-rich electric cargo bike from Yuba, it offers a wide range of accessories and mounting points for hauling gear, passengers or children. Purpose built frame with internally routed cables, inset battery mount, high-clearance motor interface and smaller rear wheel (for increased strength, torque and loading convenience). Integrated lights stay with the bike and run off the main battery, reflective tires increase your visual footprint, large hydraulic brakes stop you quickly without requiring a lot of effort. Only available in one frame size and color but the handlebar is highly adjustable, standover height is low, seat post is extra long (for tall riders) and the color is highly visible.

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  1. Bosch would be a lot better if they were more cadence focused than torque focused, as if you have poor legs , you will probably struggle with the Bosch sistem .

  2. magnífica biciE de carga, pero me gustaría saber qué precio tiene en Europa, si es que es posible adquirirla aquí

  3. Why is the battery where the water bottle should be? Why not in that space behind the seat tube or hidden under the rear deck?

  4. WOW very nice ebike love the spring in front that helps handlebars get back straight first time ive seen this . great video!

  5. Hello. Just came across your channel and watched a few of your videos. I just recently ordered the freway e bike. It was only 599 so id figure i would see if i like them. never been on an e bike before

  6. A couple of changes for the final version of this bike that I would welcome are a chainguard and, if possible, a short cage on the derailleur. With the 406 rear wheel that long cage derailleur is very low and personally I think I'd prefer a nine speed cassette with a short cage derailleur.

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